The strategic consultancy unit in Trifork eHealth helps our clients boost their success in the highly competitive healthcare markets. We work closely with the major players in the Scandinavian life science industry on deeply confidential and strategic projects. Our unique combination of technical, medical and strategic expertise, ensure an exceptional and fast journey from vision to concrete results – both when it comes to the big picture and the details.

Companies in life science have to excel in pipeline management, risk management, manufacturing compliance, cost management, pricing pressure, healthcare reforms, industry consolidation, patent expiration strategies, patient safety and much more.

The new kid on the block is DIGITAL and this area is rapidly changing and disrupting the healthcare industry. We believe the key to competitive advantage in life science is increasingly achieved by embracing a "new digital normal". This is characterized by an agile, constantly changing and customer-centric environment that focuses on experimentation, innovation, and quick results monitored intelligently in real-time.

Our strategic consultants preach digital transformation and are experts in the development of digital solutions that work in tandem with existing medical products to deliver new benefits to patients, providers, and payers. Allow us to help you design digital health eco-systems that propel sustained corporate growth on the long-term and outperforms the competition.

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