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From idea to prototype in 5 days

Trifork Accelerate® is a five-day lean workshop, designed for answering business critical questions through design, prototyping, and testing with real-world users.

At Trifork, we set a team consisting of software developers, user-interface designers, behavioral scientists and strategic consultants. Together, we work in dynamic one-day sprints, shortcutting the endless-debate cycle and thereby compressing months of work into just one single week.

Our user-centered digital design process is based on lean principles and made to fit modern, agile software development. The solutions are constantly tested with real-world users while bringing in our long legacy of leveraging key technologies in agile software development. In this way, both problem, solution, user journeys and prototyping is validated by real users.

Workshop phases

The workshop consists of five stages. The line of work often cycles through these stages in an iterative fashion, refining knowledge and results at each pass, rather than following each step in a mere sequential order.

From day 3, we split the team in two: a design track and an IT-track. The Trifork Accelerate® workshop enables continuous alignment between users needs, technological possibilities and the needs of our customers. This is done through collaborative sessions between the two tracks.

Trifork Accelerate Model

Customized workshops

Trifork Accelerate® offers 3 customized work packages for the healthcare sector that empower customers to understand their digital challenges and react appropriately and with great speed.

5 Day Digital Design Sprint

A functional immersive workshop with rapid customer research, user experience journey mapping, emerging tech infusion and business model scenarios.

12 Week Accelerated Product Creation

Dedicated cross functional project team in designated incubation space delivering full cycle iterative digital design thinking with executive sponsorship.

6 Months In-house Change Project

Train-the-trainer company practitioner program, including identification, development, training and mentoring of new digital strategy, community and sponsorship.

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