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We help daring and visionary entrepreneurs build scalable companies in digital health. Our incubation program is tailored for early MedTech startups with high growth potential that require a strong technical and industrial partner.

Establishing a sound foundation for building high impact startups in digital health is a delicate and challenging exercise. It requires a bold new vision, committed team, strong network and funding for crossing the chasm.

At Trifork eHealth we help early stage entrepreneurs by accelerating their business potential in record time. The ignition phase of our incubation program effectively gears new companies for pre-seed funding via Trifork Ventures. In this step we aim to develop and validate your new prototype leading to next level investments from our eco-system of business angels and venture funds.

Read more about our success stories from 2016 and meet "Entrepreneurs in Residence" Nicholas Syhler and Morten Ulsted.

Trifork Incubation Programme

Get from idea to success in three years

Entrepreneurs in Residence

Nicholas Syhler, M.D.


"One year ago I worked as a medical doctor at the Hospital of Frederiksberg. Today I run a software company within medical decision support services that guide fellow colleagues on a global scale. Through the Trifork Incubation Programme, you get funding, immediate access to a huge network of partners and not least to highly experienced people. This is invaluable for a startup and has allowed our company to grow faster than we could have imagined."

Morten Ulsted

CEO of ExSeed Health

"After having worked in Big Pharma for more than 6 years, I had a great desire to start my own company and test my abilities as an entrepreneur. By teaming up with Trifork as our Seed investor we not only received the funding necessary to start building our product, we also gained a valuable partner with a wealth of knowledge in the software space. This means that we’ve been able to accelerate the development of our innovative MedTech/software solution immensely."

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