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We are an agile software company specialising in digital health.

Trifork has been building advanced electronic healthcare solutions for that last 20 years. Our experience dates back to the times where paper based record systems were being replaced with electronic systems and new procedures. In this process, Trifork played a key role in the electronic transformation that took place at Scandinavian hospitals and in the public sector.Today, it’s time for a new digital transformation in the healthcare sector. A transformation that embraces a broad variety of stakeholders including patients, providers, payers, the public and the private sector. To address these new challenges, Trifork has established a new medical tech spin-off that focusses entirely on digital health - Trifork eHealth.

Trifork eHealth Manifesto

We exist to develop solutions that save human lives
We preach digital innovation and our main contribution is to leverage modern technology within the healthcare industry
We strive for simplicity but we never compromise on quality
We believe in challenging the status quo in all our activities and we strive to become a leading player within the digital health industry
We develop novel solutions – me-too products are for the competitors
We are experimental, passionate, devoted, ethical and socially responsible


If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.

Henry Ford

In a world of transformation, change is the only constant. To effectively master change, speed is a virtue and a capability we strive to perfect in Trifork eHealth.

The real difference in the success of new projects and strategies is ultimately their implementation in the organisation. At Trifork eHealth, we build end-to-end tailor-made software solutions and guide our customers from early idea generation and all the way to hosting and maintenance of the system. Our work is based on lean and agile development methodologies and in particular on the process called Scrum. This ensures an unprecedented level of flexibility and speed in development, while maintaining high quality and control throughout the entire process.


New innovations are often created in small companies and start-ups. The enthusiasm, hyper energy, focus and firm belief that “you can change the world”, is essential for driving break-through technology to success. Trifork eHealth combines the best of two worlds. As an individual technology spin-off, the company enjoys the agility and DNA of a true start-up. The deep roots running in the mother company, Trifork, simultaneously ensure a high degree of professionalism, quality and experience with an underlying sound financial foundation.

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